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Death biome on Music video, Released on 31 Ja...

Note: This not a true story.. So don't post strong language, also this is all about youtuber Hi!my Name is MineProstyCrosty. This is my Story. First, i am walking near a grassy field. Its was sunny day. So invite all of my friends. We had short talk and then we go for a walk. But then we saw a dark forest. So we go there with no fear. We heard so...

Epic story by MineProstyCrosty

Added: November 24th, 2013 Updated: November 24th, 2013
Age group: Universal
3.91 / 5

Read: 94 times

Subject No. 3151

I couldn’t move as the man held a gun to my forehead. I saw another dark figure behind him. “Don’t even try. It’s not gonna happen,” he said in a low voice that was almost a growl. How did I even get into this mess? I wondered. How did my life become so crazy and messed up? I thought, thinking back to the beginning. Then I heard a bang. r...

Action story by jule009

Added: January 20th, 2013 Updated: March 02nd, 2013
Age group: Universal Chapters: 1

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