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5 / 5

Read: 32 times

Working Girl

An intellectual prostitute gives her take on her nightly routine.

Drama story by DixforKix

Added: April 13th, 2014 Updated: April 13th, 2014
Age group: 18+
4 / 5

Read: 67 times

The Young Man

The young man represents an aspect of our character: the desire for a better future, the fear of rejection and the feelings of incompetence in a perpetually changing society. COMPLETED VERSION

Short Story story by pretentiousnerd

Added: April 05th, 2014 Updated: April 11th, 2014
Age group: 18+
1.25 / 5

Read: 51 times

Little Arlin

A little boy is taunted by his school mates. One stormy night he enters a fantasy world

Children story by lcirigli

Added: November 05th, 2013 Updated: April 09th, 2014
Age group: Universal Chapters: 3

Not yet rated

Read: 17 times


Ready for late night of fishing off the ocean front, a mermaid calls for help. Thankful, she takes Lenny to her underwater world. A month later while fishing on a boat a storm changes Lenny's life forever.

Action Adventure story by lcirigli

Added: November 05th, 2013 Updated: April 09th, 2014
Age group: 15+ Chapters: 4

Not yet rated

Read: 6 times

Claude and Ray

A baby cloud has a hard time having no friends until one day. . .

Children story by lcirigli

Added: April 09th, 2014 Updated: April 09th, 2014
Age group: Universal

Not yet rated

Read: 18 times


The morning after the argument.

Romance story by TR Edwards

Added: April 08th, 2014 Updated: April 08th, 2014
Age group: Universal
2.5 / 5

Read: 25 times

A Stitch in Time

The good Dr. Frankenstein's creation, Adam, tells his tale of what really went on at Castle Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein discovers a new way to breathe life into dead tissue. Unfortunately, things go bad and it is up to Adam to save more than his own skin.

Horror story by Mythoskeeper

Added: April 01st, 2014 Updated: April 07th, 2014
Age group: 15+
1 / 5

Read: 90 times

Breaking Rules

Shay a pretty girl of seventeen loves to play the violin. She falls in love with her tutor, but it's not going to workout for her. A few pills will change her life.

Drama story by lcirigli

Added: January 23rd, 2014 Updated: April 07th, 2014
Age group: Universal
4 / 5

Read: 102 times

The Deer Hunter

Loss of innocence.

Fiction story by pretentiousnerd

Added: December 06th, 2013 Updated: April 06th, 2014
Age group: 18+
3.5 / 5

Read: 51 times

The Night Stalkers: book one

Edwin has a new life with his mentor the slenderman and his other teachers Jeff,masky etc. he has alot to learn before he is ready to be a full member of The Night Stalkers

Horror story by Survivor620

Added: April 08th, 2013 Updated: April 05th, 2014
Age group: 15+ Chapters: 10
5 / 5

Read: 39 times


Two loser kids make friends. One hears voices.

Friendship story by Mongrelcat2

Added: March 29th, 2014 Updated: April 01st, 2014
Age group: 15+

Not yet rated

Read: 15 times

Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun

Rush Week at Lee University in the proud Southern city of Richmond, Virginia. The teeming new faces on campus and the promise of an exciting academic year full of parties and drama is all Ashton Lerner can stand. This year's going to be different for him...much different.Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's unique use of ghouls and the Cyndi Lauper hit "Gi...

Horror story by Mythoskeeper

Added: March 31st, 2014 Updated: April 01st, 2014
Age group: 18+

Not yet rated

Read: 31 times

No more troubles

Henry, a boy who has just entered the fifth grade beginning his short middle school life.

Short Story story by Jwalls16

Added: March 30th, 2014 Updated: March 30th, 2014
Age group: 15+
5 / 5

Read: 142 times



Suspense story by Elora Daniels

Added: March 02nd, 2012 Updated: March 18th, 2014
Age group: 15+

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